We spent this morning giving our newly installed Fire Suppression system a check over against any leaks, by connecting up our compressed air supply, on each half of the Great Room’s pipework and nozzles. We mounted a pressure gauge on as well, and put in 7bars of compressed air into the system. We waited a few minutes, watching the gauge. We noticed that it was going down after a few minutes so we went around with a bottle of soapy water, to dab on every single joint and see if any bubbles grew. One of our nozzles was not tight enough so we tweaked it just a fraction with a pair of spanners and got it tight so no more bubbles came out. Two or three of the T-junctions had tiny little leaks so they got the same little tweaks too. After this process was done, the pipes was pressurised again and we then waited a good half an hour without any loss.
We repeated the same test cycle on the other half.
We now have two circuits of microbore pipes with nineteen nozzles, all sealed and this first level of testing coming up good. We will do a second level of tests, by using “live” water next time, but after we have installed the actual spray heads themselves and we will record the results and report back soon.

By Shaun

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