Sep 242018

This morning, we created a further set of glazing bars for clamping down the fourth edge along the bottom of each window in the Skylight. It is a 20mm wide and 4mm thick in a so-called feather edge style. We sliced up our supply of 7 lengths of 4metres strips, into 33 individual pieces, 10 […]

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Sep 202018

Today, this afternoon, we resumed the job of assembling the bits and pieces to build our Skylight module. We went around the left end of the skylight and along the front, doing another seven rafters, two diagonal rafters and three sections of the rims. Everything got the same treatment as yesterday, all glued and screwed […]

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Sep 192018

Yesterday we started on the task of installing and assembling our Skylight framework for real, right on top of our roof – at last! The first job was to finish off putting on the wooden platform on the second scaffolding tower and get that ready for action. Then, using strips of foam, tied down with […]

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Sep 152018

Yesterday and today, we got down to the task of preparing our Skylight framework and all its individual pieces, to get them ready to be installed up on the top of the roof. The first job was to clean the bottom surface of all the items, to remove all the dribbles etc. and produce a […]

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