Oct 042018

This morning, we finished off the last three rafters on the right hand end of the Skylight (two diagonals and a straight) and put on the last four aluminium edge protection strips too. We were interrupted by two deliveries, one for the fibreglass valley channels (16 lengths of 3metres each) and the second delivery was […]

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Oct 032018

We resumed the work of completing the two ends of the Skylight today, we had our four triangular pieces ready for installation, after the overnight job of gluing on the protection edge strips, for the Great Room end. These four plastic glazing panes, along with three rafter bars (one straight and two diagonal ones) were […]

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Sep 292018

On this glorious sunny day, we started the job of taking up the glazing panes up to our Skylight! But we had to finish off a single special job of slicing one of the plastic panes, the one over the staircase which needed a 13mm thin wedge shaped strip taken off. Then the next job […]

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Sep 242018

This morning, we created a further set of glazing bars for clamping down the fourth edge along the bottom of each window in the Skylight. It is a 20mm wide and 4mm thick in a so-called feather edge style. We sliced up our supply of 7 lengths of 4metres strips, into 33 individual pieces, 10 […]

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