Mar 142018

Today, in some lovely sunshine but with a chilly wind, we concluded the installation of the five “N” rafters and twelve “K” rafters! This, finally, at last, sees the end of manufacturing and installing of the full sized rafters all over the whole roof, adding up to a total of 176 rafters!! One Big Phew! […]

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Feb 262018

This afternoon, we resumed work on creating the last couple of dozen of rafters for the roof. We did Five more today before Shaun’s back had enough and didn’t want to overdo things. There are seven more to do in this current batch, which will finish off the roof area over the Great Room and […]

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Feb 202018

This morning, we switched over to our latest and last angled cuts, the 45degrees angles, for the webbing. These were for the “O” set of rafters, all six of them, plus two top-flange only ones too. All these rafters have sticking out eves so they have the bird’s mouth notches and also this end of […]

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