Nov 222017

This morning, in slightly breezy conditions, we took out the six rafters we have previously created and then completed the cutting of the bevel ends yesterday and got them all installed. We did it all by hand without needing the electric hoist unit and it all went very well. We then measured the length of […]

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Nov 212017

This morning, we finished off the last two rafters hanging over from yesterdays work. Then we adjusted our Bevel Slicing Machine to the new angle of 57 degrees which is by far the biggest depth of cut we have to do. The final cut surface spans across 115mm with a large cut-off pieces. It is […]

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Nov 172017

On a very, very chilly day (temperature floating around the low single digits!), we were in the workshop slicing the bevelled ends on our eleven rafters we made yesterday. The six “B” rafters had one version of the template used to guide the giant circular saw machine and the five “D” rafters had the other […]

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Nov 142017

After a slight delay to the start of the working day, we proceeded with the preparation task for the collection of rafters over the front extension of the roof. We brought in 16 more plywood strips and cut the new 33 degree angled ends on them all. Next, on half of them, cut the notch […]

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Nov 132017

For the start of the new week, we start dealing with the 33 degrees angled roof sections, namely the “B”, “D” plus the “J” and “L” sections that makes up the area over the front door and Entertainment Room extension and the area going back extending over Bedroom 2. We spent the day converting our […]

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Nov 102017

In quite strong winds, we concluded the job of hoisting and installing the remaining rafters to complete the “E” section of the roof. Well, actually, there is an additional bit of the “E” section to do but this is part of the porch extending over the back door over the Utility Room and that will […]

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