Jun 042018

We used our new piece of equipment today, a niffy little band saw machine we bought yesterday, to make a collection of wooden spacers of variable thickness. We sliced a 100mm long piece of our CLS timber into lots of spacers, some thin (about 1mm thick), some at 3mm thick, some at 6mm thick and a few at 10mm thick.
Armed with our collection of spacers, battery circular saw, glue and a staple gun, we started working on checking the alignment of the ends of our rafters in each section of the roof. Using a 100mm by 50mm regularised long plank (4.8metres long), that was very straight (we had to reject half a dozen before we found one that was nice and straight within 1mm or so), we placed it up on our wooden fascia support brackets and examined if any rafter was sticking out more than its neighbours. After careful analysis, some of these had a small sliver taken off their ends and some had extra spacers added (using our new collection of course!), stuck down with glue and a couple of staples to hold while the glue set. We also sprayed more timber preservative on these modified ends to reduce problems in the future.

Rafter Ends All Aligned Up


We proceeded clockwise around the house, starting from the “A” section of the roof, and did “P” (two halves), “O”, “N”, “M”, “L”, “K”, “J”, “I” “H” and “F”. We have only four more sections to go to complete the circuit. It was quite rewarding to have made these adjustments and now we can look forward to putting up our Fascia boards and have them aligned up, be flat and all at the same level too! Lovely!

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