Jun 052018

This morning, we completed the task of straightening the ends of the rafters on the last sections of roof, namely “E”, “D”, “C” and “B”. that didn’t take too long and now we have all sections having a nice straight runs around the whole roof of the house – lovely stuff!
Then we got on with the task of extending some of the Fascia boards, ready for the shorter sections, these being two set of “B”, and “D” plus “J” and “L” which are only 2.1metres long approximately. Wes used our router to cut a multiple tongue and groove joint in the ends of the Fascia boards and attached small lengths, about 390mm long pieces. They were glued and now setting overnight.
Finally, we went outside to move the scaffolding tower from where it has been sitting for a couple of months now and moved it away to sit alongside the large stack of plywood near the Loke. Tomorrow, we will spread more sand from the bank and widen the levelled area going down the side of the Great Room which will allow us to mount the scaffolding further away from the building beyond the eves of the roof and gain better access to the whole roof when we are doing the boards and the slate tiles too. and then in the afternoon, carry on preparing more Fascia boards with biscuit joints for more outside corners.

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