Sep 282019

A very disrupted week with a major family commitment and duty to perform, we got only a couple of days of work done. But we managed to complete the “B” section of the roof plus also a repair job on the corner of the guttering.
We did some slates on Monday morning and then resumed Thursday and Saturday, to install a further 700 more slates. It was quite tricky leaning over the very steep side of the “C” roof in doing the edge and also putting on the flashing slates too, but it is all done now apart from just a dozen flashing slates along the ridge line towards the skylight.
We also put on some of the metal mesh covers on the gutters, just enough so we could complete this roof section but still do some further work in another part of the guttering.

Slates on Section B, Mesh Covered On Gutter plus Repair to C-D Corner


During the week, on one of the odd mornings, we noticed that in the C-D corner of the gutters, there was a crack in the fibre glass which was caused by the whole fabric being stressed too much when the joint of the D side of the guttering had warped. We had fixed that problem last week and it seems to be holding now, but the damaged was already done to the fibre-glass layer over the other side of the corner. It was leaking rain water and that how we noticed the fault. So after filing away the fibre-glass and resin material to a width of about an inch on each side of the joint of the oak underneath, plus also grinding away a shallow gulley into the wood itself, we then cleaned out the joint with the compressed air, blasting right through. We then push an amount of our PU solid glue and worked it into the joint on both side and including the fascia joint too and left it to cure and set rock hard.
Slates on Section B, Mesh Covered On Gutter plus Repair to C-D Corner


We will put on a final coating of resin with glass-fibre to recombine the original membrane of the glass-fibre resin layer and resurface it back to a smooth finish and then put on more mesh covers on the rest of the gutters.
That about concludes this week’s work and we say a sad goodbye to our Aunty Melba whom we all said our farewell on Tuesday, and we will continue next week in her honour to get on with our house.

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