Nov 162019

We resumed work on our roof, continuing with the task of putting up the flashing slates up the “F” Porch roof section and then started doing the “G” little section on the side of the porch section. This narrow strip is very very fiddly, having to work on both the valley and the hip and […]

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Aug 242019

Another week is complete, with lots of Slates being mounted plus some little bit of work on the window’s octagon pillars. The hip flashing was first to be done, with the bull-nose shaped fibre-glass covered in the dark grey resin, going up the P-A intersection of the roof. Then we went to work on the […]

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Aug 172019

This report is for the last two weeks of work, we had some of the days on other commitments, but we mostly worked on our roof with some in our workshop processing more oak during the wet days. The first task was to put in our Rubber liner into the gutters, in section “A”, “B”, […]

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