Dec 022019

On this very chilly Monday morning, and a bit of the afternoon too, we finished off putting slates on the last section of roof, the “C” section which is our front porch roof facing our Loke. Another 100 slates went up, followed by about 80 slates for the flashing up the two hips.

Roof Section C Complete


This concludes the task of putting the roof on. We had a quick count of the remaining slates we got left which turns out to be about 3000 slates and 70 wide slates.

Roof Section C Complete


Roof Section C Complete


We received 18360 slates last October so that means we have put up over 15000 slates, including 640 wide slates, stretched over an area of 360 square metres.

We generated a full ton bag of waste pieces

Roof Section C Complete


So that needs to be processed somewhere and somehow. We may phone around to see if anyone wants bits of slates for garden paths or something.

This means that the whole roof is now complete at the beginning of December 2019. We started the job of constructing the roof way back in July 2017! with putting up the kerb and rafter support blocks. Then getting on with the job of creating each and every single rafter.
It is by far the most complicated part of the building project we had to do and hopefully, the rest of the build will be just a tad bit easier!! (and quicker!!!!)

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