Nov 302019

After finishing dismantling the excess platform modules and the lift hoist shaft, we got on with the task of preparing the Eves, ready to be painted. But the week saw quite a lot of disruptions to our work schedule.

But The first job was to spray PU foam using our gun foam kit and climb up inside the house to the top of the walls and seal the gap between the cement wall boards and the roof boards also seal the rafters where they go through the wall.

Sealing the Roof boards to Walls and Cleaning the Eves


Meanwhile, the logo plus name banner design going across our Front Porch, on the outward facing portion of the roof, namely our “C” section that isn’t done yet, is coming along. We have been doing test runs on cutting certain portions of the rose and leaf designs into the slates and filling it in with coloured resin and seeing how it comes out.

Slate house name banner design

Slate house name banner design

We have been building various tools and jigs to help us in selecting and preparing the slates, for example, finding nice flat ones of a reasonable thickness.

But in light of our tests, we have decided that it was taking too long to arrive at a final solution. We want to do more Research and Development and we didn’t want to rush this stage and then regret it later on. We will make the design slowly and install it when the house is (nearly) complete!

So on Saturday, we spent all day putting up over 300 slates across a further 13 rows to add to the existing first row we did a couple of weeks ago.

Sealing the Roof boards to Walls and Cleaning the Eves


We are about half way up the height of the C roof section but only about 120 slates to go to finish it off and then nail up the flashing slates and we are all done. We will come back when we are ready with the banner logo design and swop out the necessary slates for the new ones.
This means that we can dismantle the final five platform modules and tidy up everything along the front of our house so it looks more respectful. We will keep the component parts of these platform modules so we can rebuild some so we can gain access to the “C” roof again. We would only need two of them (or even just one) as our house banner is currently only 1600mm long and 350mm high.

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