Nov 232019

We are working on a design for a house banner, located over our front door porch facing our Loke. We want to cut the design into our slates and then fill it with various coloured epoxy resin to form a picture of a rose or two and our house name. The tricky bit is generating the necessary instructions to send to the milling machine that will slice into the surface of each slate by about 2mm. We have already bought the epoxy resin plus a series of tough UV stable colours (like Iron Oxide for the rusty red colour, aluminium powder for the silver grey, chromium oxide for the green and titanium dioxide for the white etc. )
The whole design won’t be to big or too bold, just enough so our house will have something to identify itself to visitors!
The work on this has been patchy when the weather was yukky and we couldn’t work on the roof, but since we have finished the main part of the roof on Thursday and the tidy up job is interrupted by more rainy weather, we have been working much more on this task like all day Saturday.

The other task that was done this week, from Thursday afternoon and all day Friday, is to start dismantling the dozen platform modules we have been using for the last 18 months. We will not get rid of all of them, partly because we still got the “C” porch roof to complete, but also we realised that some of the better looking modules could be used for internal functions like reaching the ceilings in various rooms when we are decorating etc. But for now, we have dismantled four modules completely and making a stack of “legs” in our swimming lane.

House Banner Design Progresses and Dismantling of Platform Modules


And we adapted three other modules by slicing off 900mm off the legs to form set of working platforms to enable us to prepare the Eves (ready for painting) and finish off rubbing the gutters and seal the metal mesh coverings.


We will also dismantled the lift shaft as we don’t need that any more and we have an odd sixteen foot long platform module that was our mobile platform we had last year and that will dismantled that too.
With winter coming, we will work more and more in the workshop on our windows and assemble them together and get them all ready for installation etc.

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