Apr 192017

This morning, we had the Septic Tank serviced and emptied. We then gave it a once over, cleaning the various inlet and outlet pipes to make sure they were all cleared and flowing nicely. Also, the electric air pump was opened up to check the moving parts were all clean and in good working order. […]

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Jan 102017

We also spent some of the morning tidying up and doing minor servicing tasks around the site. We dismantled the painting tent and framework. We moved the 7 painted steel legs to around the house so each one is nearer to where they will be standing up. We also cleaned out the drainage sump to […]

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Nov 022016

This afternoon, we concluded the bulk tidy-up of the chunks of concrete rubble lying inside the Perimeter Wall, loaded into 4 wheelbarrows and transported down to our “rubbish” area, made up of large Ton bags which are now filled up with various waste rubble. Half the concrete blocks that were used to weigh down the […]

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Oct 292016
All Levelled and Flat around the House

This morning, again in brilliant sunshine, we finished off the smoothing and levelling out the ground around the Great Room. It is all very neat and tidy now and we can walk or push trolleys right around the building, gaining access to the Swimming lane where the timber store is, or pass the Garage or […]

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Oct 282016
Levelling off the Ground Continues ..

Today, in lovely sunshine, we carried on with the job of moving and levelling out the excess piles of soil and sand heaped around the outside of the house. We finished the remaining section along the back, past Bedroom 1 and the Great Room, continuing around the corner towards the conservatory. Surprisingly, the heaps of […]

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Oct 272016

Today, the work of smoothing out the ground around the outside of the house continues, working alongside the Garage and the side door of the house. Then, around the corner, finishing  off the patch at the beginning of the Swimming lane and continued along the back alongside Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 1. It is surprising […]

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Oct 262016

Today, before the steel arrived, the soil around the perimeter of the house and it’s wall, continued to be levelled, covering up the rainwater pipework and making it smooth and relatively flat. The area around the corner of the Swimming lane and the Garage was sorted out and made level, and will continue along the […]

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Oct 252016

This afternoon, we continued with the tidying up operation, while we waited for the steel pieces to be delivered, by tackling the garage workshop! We took a load of rubbish cut-off strips from under the saw table, plus some long left over timber pieces from yesterday’s sorting of wood rack and transported them down to […]

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