May 012018

This afternoon, we moved all the remaining 63mm CLS Timber from its original pallet stack situated near our Loke and put the lot inside the house under a tarpaulin tent cover. We also moved all the untreated 100mm by 50mm regularised timber lengths from the swimming lane and put them together with the rest of […]

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Apr 232018

Today, in the morning, we did some odd jobs that were left over from the weekend, tidied up the workshop, repaired a puncture in one of our tyres for our medium flatbed trolley and service our air pump that provides oxygen to our septic processing unit. In the afternoon, we decided that we would make […]

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Apr 202018

This afternoon, we decided that it was finally time to do a good sweep of the concrete surface inside our building. There is quite a lot of saw dust, wood shavings and other rubbish lying around and this is the first time this year that it is all dry and easy to sweep with the […]

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Apr 192017

This morning, we had the Septic Tank serviced and emptied. We then gave it a once over, cleaning the various inlet and outlet pipes to make sure they were all cleared and flowing nicely. Also, the electric air pump was opened up to check the moving parts were all clean and in good working order. […]

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Jan 102017

We also spent some of the morning tidying up and doing minor servicing tasks around the site. We dismantled the painting tent and framework. We moved the 7 painted steel legs to around the house so each one is nearer to where they will be standing up. We also cleaned out the drainage sump to […]

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