Sep 152017

Starting really early this morning, at round 8:30am, to avoid the incoming thunderstorm front, we went outside to have a go at installing our latest created rafter, this time, the O Ridge that has the 45degrees angled sloping down beam. But unfortunately, even though it wasn’t raining at this time, and we even had sunshine […]

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Sep 132017

We woke up to the rattle of tremors of storm Agnes passing over and when we looked outside, we discovered a piece, actually quite a long piece of roofing felt lying on the ground just in front of our front door! Where did that come from we thought? So climbing up onto the roof of […]

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Jun 052017

 We had an incident where half of our workforce was struck down with a nasty Summer cold virus, from last Monday (29th May) to today (5th June). All outside work on putting up cement boards, rafters and other work needing two people had to be postponed.

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May 192017

No work outside today as it was wet all morning and occasional showers in the afternoon too. Plus also we were only going to work until mid-afternoon because of other commitments. So the day was mostly written off. We did get the stop/start switch on the work bench replaced (it was damaged a few weeks […]

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May 152017

We discovered the rain was falling down when we wanted to start work on the new week, and the forecast had a high chance of more rain all day so we called it quit and did other tasks unrelated to the building project. Tomorrow, the weather looked much better so we hope for a good […]

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Jan 232017

Our concrete slab is frozen again and there are too many patches of solid ice. Again, we abandoned the outside work. Tomorrow, there are other meetings that have to be serviced so no work for Tuesday either.

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Jan 222017

Today, Sunday, we woke up to a world of white over everything and a real chilly snap in the air .. this is indoors we are talking about! We were going to carry on with the assembly of the steel framework, even though it was Sunday so we could catch up on the lost days […]

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Jan 202017

Here we go! Here we go .. again! It was such a lovely sunny morning to the start of the day but we had freezing temperatures overnight and it refreeze the water on our concrete. We talked about putting down loads of salt to try and melt the ice but we decided that we didn’t […]

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Jan 192017

Again, we waited in vain for the temperature to rise enough to melt all the ice. The sun was very strong but it only melted the ice where it was deeper and floating on existing water, but the ice directly frozen solid onto the concrete held on for dear life! So the outside work was […]

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