Feb 102018

Work has been patchy over the last three days, with other commitments on Thursday, rain all day Friday and also rain in the afternoon of Saturday too! Erk! We didn’t have any other jobs lined up as we didn’t have the “N” rafter (number 6) installed so we could measure the next set of rafters […]

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Feb 062018

This afternoon, having completed the production of the four rafters (for the “P” and “N” sections), we couldn’t go outside as it was snowinging quite hevily!! Tomorrow, we have our Oak Timber arriving, during the day sometime, and with the cold snap occurring this week all over the country, it is unlikely that we will […]

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Feb 032018

The last two days has fallen foul of the side-effects of the suffering these cold and flu viruses, with disrupted sleep patterns and secondly infections. What a world we live on! What will be around the next corner?? Phew!

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Jan 292018

Today, we just remembered that we got to do our tax returns so the day was spent doing that instead!! Oh blow! Another day lost!

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Jan 272018

Another week is lost to another bout of cold or flu virus attack! It is the second lots for us both and this time, it is likely to have been the flu virus. It is definitely noticeable to how much more worse this winter has been with these bugs flying around than previous years. But […]

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Jan 202018

This is a report of several days of illness for our two man workforce, both being subjected to the damn annoying winter cold viruses, but not at the same time!! The week beginning the 8th January (Monday) was lost with a few days of no action. Then the 2nd attack occurs in the middle of […]

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Dec 252017

It is Christmas!! We have blitzed the whole workshop, to tidy it up and make it as clean as possible, ready for having our family around to celebrate this festive moment of the year! The completed “P” rafters, all eleven (and one little chunk of timber!), are now outside in the middle of the house, […]

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Dec 102017

During the manufacturing of rafters on Thursday, 3 days ago, Shaun suffered a twinge in his lower back muscles and had to slow down. Fortunately, we had only one session left to do to complete and by careful positioning and movement, he was able to complete the task of squeezing the rafters while being nailed […]

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Nov 302017

We woke up to a lovely coating of snow over everything! It isn’t a real stoppage to our work as we have things to do in our workshop but there were plans to look at our garden shed’s roof and also put on extra tarpaulin coverings on our timber storage stacks .. but alas not […]

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Sep 152017

Starting really early this morning, at round 8:30am, to avoid the incoming thunderstorm front, we went outside to have a go at installing our latest created rafter, this time, the O Ridge that has the 45degrees angled sloping down beam. But unfortunately, even though it wasn’t raining at this time, and we even had sunshine […]

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