Oct 212016
Levelling Out Section Beside Loke

Today we cleared and flattened the strip of ground alongside the Loke from our driveway, all the way to the hedge and water meter. We scraped the whole section between the house and  the Loke, making sure we still had a berm beside the Loke to keep out the rainwater running down the Loke. It is now […]

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Jun 182016
Prevention Flood off Loke

 In damp weather, we tackled the next source of flooding, this time coming off the Loke as the rain water collects together off the surface of the loke and some of the neighbors driveways and runs down the Loke towards us. We are unfortunately at the lowest point down the slight hill so most of […]

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Jun 172016

 Today, we attempted to block off the rain water spillage coming from the workshop. See the little movie of the “river” gushing out of their workshop area (river starts at 12:24 and lasts for over half an hour!). As you can see what damage their water has caused! So we decided to mount a barrier […]

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May 302016

 This morning, Stephen finished off scraping any excess soil lying within the footprint of the house. There was a little bit here and there but not much this time, in the area covered by the kitchen, bedroom 1 and the great room. Now, over to the next job of digging the next hole for an […]

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May 252016
Lovely Fire!

We had some spare time and it was slightly raining today so we took the opportunity to have get a fire in the incinerator going to get rid of various wooden rubbish around the site. Like for example, 7 wooden pallets, brambles, rotten OSB boards and off cuts from the garage we have collected over the […]

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May 222016
Sunday Quiet Jobs!

As to our rule, for Sunday, we do quiet jobs around the house and the site so not to disturb our neighbors. Today, we did several tasks as follows: Camera and TV Aerial We decided to take down the heavy wooden old pole that holds up our TV Aerial, Camera and floodlight. It was too […]

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Oct 122010

Spent yesterday and today levelling and tidying up the grounds in front of the garage and the storage shed to get them ready for laying down an asphalt hard-core layer of around 100mm thick to produce a water resistant surface. This will reduce the muddy conditions for both boots and tyres especially some of our […]

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