Nov 162019

We resumed work on our roof, continuing with the task of putting up the flashing slates up the “F” Porch roof section and then started doing the “G” little section on the side of the porch section. This narrow strip is very very fiddly, having to work on both the valley and the hip and only four standard slates in between. It took well over a day to complete it, most of Monday and Tuesday morning.

Sections F, G Finished and H Nearly done !


On Wednesday, we eagerly got started on the last section of roof, the “H” section, and got the valley done, which was slow because of having to cut on every row special slates to fill in the angle. But once that was finished, we then could speed up putting slates in strips of three slate wide and we got about 350 slates done in total.

Thursday was a very wet day so we were going to work in the workshop but we had a sudden phone call from the delivery driver to say, “I’m ten minutes away with your Larch timber” and we weren’t expecting it! See Larch Timber Arrives.

We didn’t get back to our roof until Saturday. We managed to do another 300 slates and we are now about two thirds done on the very last bit of roof, the “H” section.

Sections F, G Finished and H Nearly done !


We should get the last bit done on the new week including the tricky bit of scaling up and down the ladder to reach the last few slates!

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