Oct 052019

For this week of many disrupted days, we managed only to get a little progress on putting the slates on the roof. We didn’t get going until mid-week where we finally got enough dry weather to complete the repair work on the corner of the gutters, the C-D outside corner of the front porch. This finally allowed us to complete the task of installing the metal mesh onto the guttering plus also mounting the oak strips to clamp down the mesh and rubber edges, finishing off the “B” section, the “C”, “D” and almost all the “E” too.
We then put on the first two rows of slates along the bottom of the “C” section to protect the metal mesh and got started on the “D” side section of the front porch module. We did managed to get two solid days of work in and we mounted about 500 slates on to the roof. A slow task as we have short diagonal strips with the valley and hip ends fairly close together, so lots of cutting and moving equipment many times.

Gutters Covered and a Good Half of


Next week, we hope to get much better weather, hence less interruptions and get more slates on the “D” and “E” sections.

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