Sep 252019

On Wednesday, we performed a quick and dirty fix to our roof over our temporary living quarters and rolled up our Sun shield tarpaulin covering over our corridor.
We suddenly sprang lots of leaks on Tuesday morning during some heavy weather and discovered on the following day that the strips of the roofing felt had shrunk enough to pull apart at the overlapping joints. So we applied a quick fix by inserting a long narrow strip of rubber in between the two layers of the felt and that would hopefully stops most of the water from entering our home.

We then rolled up the Sun Shield tarpaulin off the corrugated plastic roof and put that away, plus also completely removed the mid-section support arm and their concrete blocks (all stored on our main garage roof for the time being), so it is ready for the whole roof to be recovered in a brand new layer of roofing felt when the weather is dryer and less windy. We also inspected the roof over our store room and the garden shed and decided that both needed recovering too.
Therefore we ordered 13 more rolls of felt plus a tin of glue and roofing nails and we will grab any portion of any day that is dry, to put on as many strips of new felt each time. we are unlikely to get a whole day or so of dry warm and calm weather so we have to take this approach to grab each moment as it present itself.

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