Nov 052018

Today, we continued with the task of building our two water filters. The long flat one’s frame is now constructed with a heavy thick metal bar around the perimeter and the metal mesh is welded on to it. The second filter, the box shaped one, was tidied up, removing excess mesh material and it is […]

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Oct 262018

We continued to apply the Resin and Fibreglass layers to the Filter Parts. We completed all of the insides with their two layers as well as the two layers on the insides of the lids and side panel. The outsides of the filter will have a single layer of resin and fibre-glass as they will […]

Nov 052016

This morning, whilst it rained, we made an automatic pump to extract and remove the rainwater from inside our house footprint. The concrete  is open to the sky so we are collecting all the rainwater that falls down upon us! The pump is located in the sump up next to the Great Room as it is […]

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