Nov 052016

This morning, whilst it rained, we made an automatic pump to extract and remove the rainwater from inside our house footprint. The concrete  is open to the sky so we are collecting all the rainwater that falls down upon us! The pump is located in the sump up next to the Great Room as it is […]

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Oct 172016
Last Stretch of Pipework Completed

 We finished off the installation of the pipes (running around the whole perimeter of the house) that [will] collect the rain water off the roof. The last stretch is along behind Bedroom 2 and in the corner with Bedroom 3 and towards the end of the Swimming Lane. We put in the 8th and final […]

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Sep 202016
Locating Pipe to Soak-away

 We wanted to confirm the exact depth of our rain water 100mm pipework that goes off to the main soak-away module. So after lunch, we dug down over beside the garage at the end of the Swimming Lane and went down until we found the bottom of the currently terminated pipe. Using our laser site measuring […]

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Oct 202010
Water, water everywhere!

Well we had 10.9mm of rain since we finished the DPM Yesterday. That’s over 800 litres of water to get out of the garage slab DPM. The job was not as easy as we thought when we started at 9 o’clock. First we tried the submersible pump – no go, the water was not deep […]

Sep 192010

The Rain Tank! Dimensions 5m (16feet 3inches) long 3m (9feet 9inches) wide 1.2m (4feet) deep Capacity: Hole dug out = 18 cubic metres (635 cubic feet) about 38tons of sand and soil Water inside is 95% of hole size = 17.1 cubic metres – due to the plastic construction of the crates Overflow starts 50mm […]

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