Nov 102018

This report is a summary of our week’s worth of work we did on our rainwater Filtration Module. Most of the time was spent on creating the two filter units and two baffles. The flat one had the wire mesh welded onto a heavy metal framework and then coated in several layers of resin to prevent rusting. The second filter unit is a square box shaped, made with just more of the same wire mesh and this was also coated in resin too. Our geotextile material was delivered and we cut and shaped the material into each of these two filters. The flat one had extra padding tied onto the metal edge to provide a soft conforming interface and reduce any leaks. The outer layer was then stitched into place with fishing line.

Another Week On Filtration Module and All Done At Last!


Another Week On Filtration Module and All Done At Last!


The box filter had the same cloth material wrapped up the inside and folded into the flange edging and coated in several layers of resin to reinforce it and lock the cloth into place.

Then we made two baffles, which are like flat tea tray like objects, about 400mm (15inches) wide and 580 (22inches) long, with upwards edges approximately 25mm high. We used some more wire mesh and laid two layers of the glass fibre matting (one on the underside of the mesh and the second one inside the tray) and all coated in resin. We had to bend up several tags over the tray so it can support its sibling companion tray on top, and the top tray having water deflectors to help slow down the rainwater rushing into the cabinet.

Finally, we did some minor adjustments inside the main cabinet, mostly in the area of the clean water filter, near the bottom portion.

Another job we did this week was the installation of the Return Channel vertical module to the end of the Swimming Lane. It was a lovely day so we took the opportunity to get that done while we remembered it before we tackled the big job of getting the main cabinet installed.

Another Week On Filtration Module and All Done At Last!


Now we just need another moment like this to haul the large heavy module into place.

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