Sep 192010

The Rain Tank! Dimensions 5m (16feet 3inches) long 3m (9feet 9inches) wide 1.2m (4feet) deep Capacity: Hole dug out = 18 cubic metres (635 cubic feet) about 38tons of sand and soil Water inside is 95% of hole size = 17.1 cubic metres – due to the plastic construction of the crates Overflow starts 50mm […]

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Sep 192010

Right, the new diverted feed from the rain filteration system is now installed to the other corner of the rain tank. Hopefully we have avoided any leaks ! The old hole in the manhole access tube is blocked up with geotextile so no sand and soil can get in!

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Sep 192010

In the light of conversation about filtering the rain water and how small (or large) the particulates would get through the filtration system, we have decided to re-route the feed pipe from its first placement which is going into the manhole access chamber where the pump is situated which means it would immediately suck up […]

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Sep 052010
Rainwater Tank Day 4

Placed the last layer of crates … Time for Christmas Eve! Well we have a lot of wrapping to do…. Wrapped, folded and trimed the polyfelt first. Next the rubber was folded up the sides and the extra rubber in the corners folded neatly. We formed a couple of pipe connections for expansion at the […]

Sep 042010
Rainwater Tank Day 3

Spent the morning laying the 3 layers of material down. 1st layer was standard geo-textile (grey), 2nd layer was the waterproofing EPDM rubber membrane (Black) and last was Polyfelt padding (White). The rubber was the hardest to get in position as it is one piece (of course!) and quite heavy in total. Once the wrappings were done […]

Sep 032010
Rainwater Tank Day 2

Did preparation work for installing the rainwater tank. Started by marking out and leveling the sand for the base of the tank, we spent so time getting the right as we don’t want the tank to be off level! Then we humped the 87 aquacell modules down into the hole from their delivered location next to […]

Sep 022010
Rainwater Tank Day 1

Had a relaxed day today. Went and purchased some mini access chamber raising rings and a lid to use on the rainwater tank for access into it. Then made a hole in the top of a aquacell module for a raising ring, attached it and removed the bottom of the module to make a hole […]

Sep 012010
Rainwater Soakaway

Installed the rainwater soakaway this afternoon. We carefully leveled the area in the corner of the trench and then placed geo-textile down. Then installed 18 Aquacell modules in a 3m x 3m array, the modules were clipped together. A hole was made in to top to allow connection from the rainwater system. Finally the geo-texile […]