Oct 242018

We started the day off with the task of rubbing all the places where we had put the filler. But we discovered that we needed more wooden triangular battens in various places we missed the first time around.
But we also prepared the side panel “lid” with two more plastic pipes that got glued through the cement panel, one being the 110mm pipe connection from the garage roof and the second one is the 40mm white pipe that will connect to the underground rainwater storage tank underneath the garage.
We wanted to get on with doing the fibre-glass coatings but we kept finding other jobs to do like making the real “lids” to the top of the cabinet when it is fully installed in the ground and attached to the end of the swimming lane.
So by the time we got that done, sanded more edges and then did a major clean up operation to remove all the dust and dirt, it was already near the end of the day again!!
But we decided to overrun because we needed to make a slim wide slot, using a chunk of polystyrene foam block, to act as a mould to wrap glass-fibre around it and then put the first coat of polyester resin on it and allow to set properly overnight.
Tomorrow, we WILL get on with the marathon task of putting two layers glass-fibre all over the whole filtration unit, both inside and out, all the lids and other parts .. at long last!!

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