Oct 252018

We started today with the mammoth task of applying the protective waterproof layer and to provide the high strength structural element for our rain filter module. This is achieved by using layers of glass-fibre, coated in polyester resin, on all surfaces. The inside surfaces will have two layers of 450g glass matting (per square metre) and the outside will have a single layer. The whole thing will have a final top coat finishing layer to smooth off everything.
We sorted out the workshop and placed our large cabinet on our medium flatbed trolley with two support arms (using 2inch by 6inch planks) and the main workbench (covered in tarpaulin) has all the other bits and pieces. The large side panel had two more pieces glued on to the edge (the cover to the dirty water channel and the side panel to the equipment box at the top) and we glued in the overflow chute we made yesterday, into the back of the cabinet.
Then we ripped up a roll of the glass fibre matting into smaller pieces, ready to be applied inside the filter cabinet. The other flat objects had large strips cut to cover the surface and got them ready too.
After lunch, we tackled the flat objects first so we can learn the quantity and method of applying the resin and we got the them done quite well.
Then it was the return channel next, which has a tight three sided interior surfaces to coat and finally we started inside the main cabinet.

Glass Fibre + Resin Treatment Starts


Glass Fibre + Resin Treatment Starts


Glass Fibre + Resin Treatment Starts


All the finished articles had the excess glass-fibre (sticking out bits) trimmed using a sharp knife around all their edges, and turned over ready for the next layers of the resin plus glass fibre, this time two layers (this side is the interior surface), all this being done tomorrow and Saturday.

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