Oct 082018

This afternoon (after being diverted in the morning to other commitments) we started the next stage of dealing with the rain water coming off the roofs (main house and garage), by digging a hole at the end of the Swimming Lane and next to the garage.

Dug Hole for Filtration Module


We will be building a water Filtration Module to receive the input from the roofs (in three 100mm pipes), entering a settling tank section first and then being filtered so the fairly clean water is collected and stored in our underground rainwater tank under the garage.
This module will be attached to the end of the swimming lane, with additional connections for surge water to flow into the swimming lane and pond but also a connection for drawing the water from the depth of the swimming lane and feeding it up to the return channel via some form of a “water feature”.
We had to dig down to the lowest pipework which feeds to the rain soak-away module, the depth being 1.2metres (4feet) down. The other pipe (the white one) is the feed to the rainwater tank which is at a depth of 700mm below ground level and the bottom of the swimming lane is 800mm down to the foundation level.

Tomorrow, we will measure everything to confirm these numbers and then finalise the design of the module which will be made of cement boards and fibre-glass resin layers with internal removable units so we can clean them.

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