This morning, under a cloudy sky, we unveiled our spanking brand new Skylight to the world!! We went and pulled off all the final protective cling film coverings off the polycarbonate panes!! It had a layer of water from the morning dew so we got rather wet!

Skylight Unveiled!


Skylight Unveiled!


Skylight Unveiled!


This concludes the job of putting up our Skylight. Here is a breakdown of our timesheet on the various aspect of the task of creating this skylight module:

  • 30 working days to build the framework and paint it
  • 16 working days to install the framework and the glaze it

We started at the beginning of August and finished today on the 6th October, with a total of 46 working days spent on the Skylight!
Here is a super-fast time elapsed video of the skylight being installed.

By Shaun

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