This is a combined report showing our progress of creating our rain water filtration module. It has been a very fiddly work, constrained by the slow “drying” time of the polyester resin substance, but also having to take time and care to prepare, tidy-up and adjust the glass-fibre surfaces after each application of the resin. It is a slow job.
But we can report that we are nearly there now, with the completion of all the “lids”, the swimming lane Return channel unit and much of the main cabinet, all coated in the final top-coat light grey coating.

Six Days on Water Filter Cabinet, Almost There!


Six Days on Water Filter Cabinet, Almost There!


Today, we started designing and producing two filters, the first one designed (in a box like shape) to tackle the initial very dirty flush of rain water collected off the roofs and the second one, being a long flat slope for providing a final filter to ensure minimal particles of “rubbish” doesn’t get into our rainwater storage tank.
Six Days on Water Filter Cabinet, Almost There!


Six Days on Water Filter Cabinet, Almost There!


These are made from heavy-duty weld mesh, supporting some geotextile fabric, mounted with a reinforced metal rim and the rim coated in protective resin.
We needed to make these filters now so we could confirm that everything fits into place, so we will achieve the correct flow of the water and that we could successfully remove and put back them via the proper entrance (the top of the cabinet). Just in case we needed to make further adjustments to the internal layout, as we did exactly this the other day (the long sloping filter didn’t come down low enough and would have held quite a bit of rainwater back in the pipes running from the buildings), before we applied the final light grey top-coat.. Also, it is only sensible to make sure that we design and make these filters and baffles here and now (in the workshop) so we can test the created products before we close up the filter and make it much harder to test things.

So on Monday and Tuesday, we will complete these final bits and pieces and then tackle the next problem of transporting this heavy unit and installing it into our flooded hole in the ground – We had lots of rain these last few days!! But the next week look drier so the hole should hopefully dry up!

By Shaun

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