Oct 272018

We resumed the task of coating the filtration unit in the structural layer of glass-fibre, in doing the exterior of our large filter box.

Exterior of Filter Module Coated in Glass-Fibre and Cleaning up Other Pieces


Then the rest of the day was spent cleaning up all the other pieces, trimming excess glass-fibre sticking out and sanding down rough patches and edges. We did one small experiment to find out how we can coat the final exposed edges, by using four layers of glass-fibre tissue cut into strips and then painted onto the flat top and bending it around and down the two sides. It seemed to have worked but we will inspect tomorrow or Monday.

We are nearly finished doing this stage of work and all is left to do is to apply the top “finishing” coat to provide the smooth glossy surface inside and out. Then we just need to chuck it into the hole in the ground, connect up the pipes .. and hey presto – that is that – grin!

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