Oct 042017

Yesterday and today, we got going in actually creating the next stage of rafter production! But we also had to do some minor adjustment to our polystyrene foam strips because we discovered yesterday that our let-over chunk of the polystyrene foam was a little more than the 200mm wide we thought it would be. So […]

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Sep 282017

Today, we finished off chopping the correct required angled cuts on the end of the pile of 89mm CLS timber pieces we got made from yesterday. The chop saw did the job of slicing a 32 degree angle on the ends of the timber before we put the machine away to clear the whole saw […]

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Sep 272017

Over the last three days, we have been measuring, calculating, sorting, adjusting, calibrating and humping all sorts of stuff that are all aimed towards the next stage of creating the Rafters that makes up the majority of the roof structure. We started on the “A” wall and measuring the distances from the wall to the […]

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Sep 202017

And in the afternoon, we finished off slicing all the remaining polystyrene sheets into 250mm wide by 38mm thick strips. The 14 boards were sliced (using our hot-melt wire machine) into five chunks (four of them 250mm wide and the fifth 200mm – the left over) and then pushed all these into the machine flat […]

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