Nov 302017

We woke up to a lovely coating of snow over everything! It isn’t a real stoppage to our work as we have things to do in our workshop but there were plans to look at our garden shed’s roof and also put on extra tarpaulin coverings on our timber storage stacks .. but alas not […]

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Nov 292017

After finishing the preparation work this morning, like filling up the glue dispenser bottle, cutting some more straight noggings as well as eight little “filler” noggings too, then collecting 14 polystyrene foam strips and finally sweeping the whole workshop, we were ready to start assembling the nine rafters in nine separate sessions. And amazingly enough, […]

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Nov 272017

This afternoon (the morning was skipped due to other commitments), we got down to the task of slicing the bevelled ends on all the remaining rafters for the “J” and “L” sections. We managed to do all five “J” rafters and then did three out of the five “L” rafters before our Bevel Slicing Machine […]

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Nov 222017

This morning, in slightly breezy conditions, we took out the six rafters we have previously created and then completed the cutting of the bevel ends yesterday and got them all installed. We did it all by hand without needing the electric hoist unit and it all went very well. We then measured the length of […]

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Nov 212017

This morning, we finished off the last two rafters hanging over from yesterdays work. Then we adjusted our Bevel Slicing Machine to the new angle of 57 degrees which is by far the biggest depth of cut we have to do. The final cut surface spans across 115mm with a large cut-off pieces. It is […]

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Nov 172017

On a very, very chilly day (temperature floating around the low single digits!), we were in the workshop slicing the bevelled ends on our eleven rafters we made yesterday. The six “B” rafters had one version of the template used to guide the giant circular saw machine and the five “D” rafters had the other […]

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