May 302020

It took another three weeks to finish off tweaking the design of the scorching machine, with many iterative changes as we test and adapt the machine (As usual things take much longer than you expect, but I have enjoyed the change of work). We started by moving the machine into the house (after cleaning up […]

May 132020

The task of rebuilding the Berm continued over Monday, Tuesday and finally Wednesday. We wanted the Berm to be high enough to stop the majority of the rain water that comes down our Loke so we decided that we would lay down a complete line of bricks again, just like we had before, but this […]

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May 102020

You may remember that we have decided to lightly scorch all of our larch cladding to give the walls more texture both visual and physical. We are using an ancient Japanese technique called “Shou-sugi-ban Yakisugi”, although we are not burning the wood as deeply. As we have over 2300 m (7500 ft) of timber to […]

May 092020

In a very disrupted couple of weeks .. we had steady rain all last week from Tuesday to Friday and some on Saturday afternoon too (a total of about 25mm of rain) .. Whilst Stephen worked on the Larch Burner Shaun got on with a task that we have been meaning to do for a […]

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