Mar 112021

Today, we thought we had better build a quick “Home-made” foam board shredder so we can deal with all the millions of pieces of cut-offs we will be generating from slicing down the large boards. Many has unformed bumpy edges and other defects plus also there will be narrow strips left-over pieces as well. We […]

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Feb 082021

Today, we had a large amount of extra snow dropping on top of the small amount we had yesterday, to make deep drifts of up to a foot deep, window sills loaded up with 6inches of very fluffy snow and icicles forming under our gutters. The snow is too dry and doesn’t stick together very […]

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Dec 172020

For our last week of work for 2020 (and also before a long break because of Christmas and a minor medical issue), we went around the last twelve Pillars across all the ground floor rooms, creating sturdy accurate corner and T-junction reference pillars, all vertical and straight. We made sure that the metal legs (holding […]

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