The concrete Rep from Lafarge came today to see our site. Full of very useful information. We have ordered 4.5 cubic metres and it is coming tomorrow at 11am.

The concrete is called Agilia Trench Flow, it is self floating and semi self levelling (with a bit of help! The rep will be here to oversee the operation and do the necessaries after the trenches are filled like spray on a plastic gel surface to protect the concrete while it is curing. All this in the price! Yes it is 30% to 40% more expensive than regular gen3 concrete but in the long run it is cheaper as we would have had to hire extra bodies to shift all the gen3 concrete to all the trenches, tramp it to make sure there are no air bubbles, level it and finally polish the surface after a few hours !

All that is done automatically (almost) with this Lafarge concrete!

We will see the results for ourselves tomorrow ! it

By Shaun

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