As we are on a tight schedule we started work at 9:00am and finished at 6:40pm, this is the longest day we have done so far!

The morning was spent completing the sand fill up and compaction. Then I went round all the concrete edges and removed any sharp parts. Meanwhile Shaun was preparing timber for the form work.

After lunch we constructed the formwork for the slab from 300mm high x 18mm thick OSB (recycled from the foundations) screwed to the edge of 150mm x 50mm timber planks. These formed a continuous structure for the sides. After positioning and aligning the sides we fixed then by banging stakes into the soil against the planks.

We finished by making the front of the slab with the two doorways inset by 100mm, which ment forming  four corners. By this time we were working by floodlight!

By Stephen

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