We spent the afternoon after we had finished doing a “door” for our rain covering house over the stack of plywood, doing a survey of the exterior wall. We wanted to realise to what extent the height of the wall varies from place to place. We needed to calculate the mortar thickness to bed the footplate on to and achieve a good consistency of height of the base line of timber. This is important as everything will grow upwards from that base layer!
The results of the survey was rather gratifying as most of it was measuring at 595mm below our reference laser level (always sitting at 11metres or 1metre above ground) so this works out that our external wall is 405mm above ground, if you are following the calculations!

The worse point was 599mm and 588mm in two different spots and one or two 589mm and 590mm elsewhere but really it was very good at holding to 595mm almost all the way around!


This means we will only need a small amount of mortar to sit the timber (the treated 100mm by 50mm planks) on to and bolt it down.

By Shaun

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