Aug 282021

One of the first jobs was to move the existing electricity control board from over beside the window and position it out of the way on the dividing wall between this room and Bedroom Three and reconnect some of the electric cables so they were all out of the way before we could fill in […]

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Aug 242021

With the days drawing in and as each room is completed, less and less daylight is reaching the inner hallways and they are getting gloomier and gloomier plus also part of moving everything out of the Utility Room, sorting out the wiring, we decided that the hallways on the ground floor needed additional temporary lighting […]

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Aug 062021

Continuing with Bedroom 3, this week we installed more various elements into the wall and floor structure to provide additional functionality to the operation within the room like, for example, a control box that will contain the electronic controller, a display module and local circuit breakers for the power lines. This was constructed from sheet […]

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Jul 312021

We continued with the work on Bedroom 3 and getting the floor, walls and windows ready. Whilst we are waiting for the deliveries, we got on with finishing the windows by putting the plastic¬†vapour barrier around the bottoms and tops of the two windows. The first task we did was to insert small pieces of […]

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Apr 152021

Whilst tidying up the house of the insulation foam rubbish, a new set of shelves was created to provide more room for tools and parts to be on hand for this phase of working inside the house. We moved the Ikea shelves over to beside the new wall between Bedroom 3 and added an extension […]

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