Our cubic metre of English Oak has arrived today just before Lunch. There were the two old sleepers we ordered as well just to see what they are like!

The 91 oak planks are very nice in the main, with only one or two odd pieces of older looking ones and one thinner one (only 19mm thick!). we got mostly sizes between 2mtres (6 feet) and 2.5metres (8 feet) and majority more than 120mm wide going up to 300mm! we are pleased with them!

Such a nice smell too!

The old railway sleepers are very interesting and the sheer history in them is lovely to see! The old screw holes and the coupling plates outline compressed into the surface, to show the age and number of trains that has rumbled over these sleepers! We also bought a untreated and unused Oak sleeper to see what this size is like too.

The Azobe wood is very very heavy indeed! It is 2.6metres long (8.5 feet) by 250mm wide (10 inches) and 150mm thick (6 inches)!

The Jarra wood is very similar but slightly thinner at only 130mm thick! Only! This wood is very heavy as well!

By Shaun

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