Oct 062020

Today, for our Entertainment Room, we calculated the number of concrete blocks and concrete floor beams needed to build a sound reducing barrier around the walls and ceiling. There are twelve rows of standard dense concrete blocks, a lintel for going over the doorway and eleven 4 metre long concrete beams, the smallest one available […]

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May 092019

Because we had an interruption of work outside, due to rain all day Wednesday and also Thursday morning, we switched over to doing alternative work indoors. This time, we tackled the task of sorting out the design and quantity for the Oak timber used in our windows in the house. The windows will be our […]

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Apr 112016
Damaged Cement Bags

Today, during our tidy up of the site, we were moving the last 18 bags of cement, and discovered that several of the bags, 4 of them, were damaged. We think that the fork lift truck driver missed his aim and rammed into the bottom layer of the bags and ripped two great big holes […]

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Sep 162011
Copper Sheet

We bought a sheet of copper, 1000mm long by 640mm wide and half a millimetre thick! This piece will serve as our base of the heat exchanger for the shower.

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Mar 032011

We had the delivery of our plastic crates today. It was a long day of sorting it out and storing them away. It was funny as well because while we were processing this order, another lorry turned up with a duplicate of the order and the driver said “Oh!” and went away again! We were […]

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Feb 142011

The staples we are using to hold the Fermacell up are heavy duty wide crown staples. The crown in just under half an inch (11.1mm) and the wire is 1.5mm square. They are available in many lengths from 25mm to 50mm. We will also be using these staples in Stainless steel for attaching the Cedar cladding […]