After looking at the planning file, I’m a bit happier.

There was a 2 page report from the planning officer and another from the conservation officer. Only one letter from a neighbor who worried about the size of the new house.

The planner has stated that there is no objection too the principle of a replacement dwelling but just some problems with the scale, design and proportions.

  • Scale – doesnt reflect other dwellings in immediate area. Visually dominant.
  • Design – appears rather ‘blockish’
  • Proportions – Awkward appearance of gables-windows-porch and conservatory. 

The conservation officer wrote that he thought it was too tall as well as not very proportional. Helpfully he included some sketches of design changes. Now we just have to interpret these and decide if we can live with some/all of them.

Made an appointment with the planning officer on Thursday.

By Stephen

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