From what we can work out the conservation officer wants us to do the following.

  • Change all gables to hips — This we can live with! In some ways this looks better, esp. at the ends.
  • Replace the both porches with extended main roof sections — Makes a more complicated roof but thats ok.
  • Change the size and move about the rear extensions to get a symetrical design — This seems pointless as nobody can see the rear of the building except us! So we havent done this at all.
  • Reduce the ridge height to 5.5m — We have reduced the main roof slope and removed 300mm from the downstairs celing height giving at new ridge of 6m – hope thats enough.

We have also added windows to the TV Room and Utility (This will be a false window or decorative feature in reality) to help with the balance of the front wall. The other thing is extending the roof overhang by 200mm which helps to give a more normal ratio between  walls and roof appearance.

We will take these ideas to the planners tomorrow.

By Stephen

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