Yesterday and today, we did further tidy ups of outstanding tasks.

The chest freezer has been moved from the outside shed to the new kitchen. It was cleaned top to bottom, inside and out, all edges and corners! It is gleaming now!

All the shelves have been washed down (in the kitchen) ready for the migration of all the “stuff” from the old kitchen!

A tester module has been built to check each digital thermometer probe, all are working!

The hot tank has settled down and it is producing good quantity of hot water (running up at about 70 degree Celsius). the insulation and the cover are now back in place.

The air con unit is in the full recirculation mode, much of the old air is cycled back into the rooms to maximise retention of the heat. This is to allow us to heat up the fabric of the building before we move in.

The shower tray is now completed and is now connected to the supplies coming out of the floor and the waste is connected. No leaks! The shower pump is also working just fine!

The temperature probes from the heat exchanger are ready for connection to the controller. In the morning the joint between the tray and the walls will be sealed.

And the lounge carpet has been finally stapled down. We were waiting for the carpet to settle as it has a very heavy and stiff backing with a crease down the middle of the room. But today we gave up waiting and did the best we could to pull the carpet out flat.

We are more or less ready for the move!

The plan is to move most of the kitchen over first and then the part of the lunge and then each bedroom separately, over the next week or so.

By Shaun

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