We continued with our reorganisation of our site, completing the pile of the
63mm by 38mm CLS timber. We have graded the timber into “good”, “so so” and
“rubbish” to make sure that we maintain the quality of our building work. We
felt that we needed to get on with the work so we put on our heavy duty
waterproofs and carried on out in the rain, which was light to medium rain
falling straight down in zero winds. We had only about 2mm of rain in the 3
hours of our work.

Next, we will create a tarpaulin covering along the length of the swimming
lane to keep the rain off the timber and allow it to stay dry, and then
after that, we deal with the 89mm by 38mm CLS timber.

Yes this is taking time, but it is good to tidy up our site, move various
piles of timber that are lying here and there, and this will create extra
space for future delivery and easier car parking etc.

By Shaun

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