Today, we finished off scraping all the trenches of our strip foundations to make sure we have brought up the depth of the trenches so it is more consistent. We worked out that if we had allowed an extra 10 mm of depth everywhere, then we would need another 800 litres of concrete, nearly a cubic meter costing over £100!!

We then ran around all the trenches again with the compacter to vibrate it all together, and to make sure that in certain areas, it is doubly compressed and isn’t showing signs of sagging. It is looking good actually, even in parts where the sand was so loose with a large grain size, it feels pretty solid.

Tomorrow, we put the weld mesh around the entertainment room’s foundation and across the air tunnel section, with extra reinforcing bars to make absolutely sure that our tunnel will not collapse in 10 or 50 years’ time!!

By Shaun

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