After finishing the roof repair, we got down to sorting out the external wood rack we got under the overhanging roof, alongside our front door.

Everything was pulled off, lots of jumbled pieces of wood timber, some plastic pipes, metal tube and more small pieces of OSB boards.

We decided that anything smaller than 6 inches in length and odd sizes in width, can be thrown away to the bonfire pile. We got loads of short pieces already in the garage under the internal wood rack so we didn’t need this collection outside as well!! We ended up with the bottom shelf containing rough sawn planks of 2inch by 6inch, 2inch by 4inch and 2inch square of various lengths from 3 feet, up to 16feet long!!

Then, the 2nd shelf up now contains a collection of more long lengths of timber but much smaller batten size pieces like 2inch by 1inch and two fresh piles of 38mm by 25mm and 25mm by 19mm batten, both being 5.1 metres long.

The 3rd shelf contains more finished pieces of wood strips, planed timber, plywood strips and more like that.

The remaining shelves are mostly empty now ready for the new steel pieces to be stored on those shelves while we work on preparing the steel pieces in the garage.

All the rubbish was put in a wheelbarrow and taken over to the burn pile and we finished completely in the dark very late in the evening!!

By Shaun

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