While Shaun recovers from his back injury, Stephen went and process our old collection of Oak Timber we bought five years ago. It has been in our garden shed all this time, and since we have our new stock of Oak timber, it was time to rationalise the old set and combine them with the new ones.
But the problem was that this old heap was very cheap and very roughly sawn with all the original bark and waney edges. It was a jumble of different widths and different lengths. So the first job was to pull out all the pieces that didn’t have the waney edges, about 20 planks out of 60!
Then, using a long metal guide, the power circular saw was used to cut a straight line to make a narrower plank and finally smaller pieces were sawn off to make batten style pieces that could come to be useful later on. All these Oak pieces were of the 26mm thickness and most were 1.8 to 2 metres long and about half was over 150mm wide and the rest was less then that.

By Shaun

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