Feb 132018

We started early today about 9am as there was a forecast of rain coming at around lunch time so we thought we would get as much as we can on sorting and counting the Oak Timber. We had three more packs to go, one small one and two large ones!
So there we were, measuring and hauling one layer at a time, around to the storage rack and we carried on .. and on .. and on .. and on .. waiting for the rain to come! It went past lunch time .. and we still worked .. and worked .. and finally we actually got ALL the rest of the Oak timber all classified and quantified and moved to our now very populated storage rack!!

Oak Timber Finally All Classified and Quantified!


Oak Timber Finally All Classified and Quantified!


And guess what? We were just tidying up and bringing in various tools like ladders and things .. and the rain came! Talk about good timing! Smile!
That was one long 6 hours stint (we carried about 2 tons of wood)! Phew!

The oak delivery had 600 pieces varying from 90 to 320 mm wide and 25 to 55 mm thick, with a total weight of over 5 tons.

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