Jul 102018

Under a much cooler cloudy sky, we resumed our work on covering the “D” and “E” sections of the roof. We did two full rows, right up to the “F” edge and managed to do a third row on the “E” working backwards towards the valley corner.


A total of nine sheets of plywood and several half boards went up, glued and nailed into place, with the usual series of planing, cutting and drilling conduit holes!
Tomorrow, we should get this area finished and then can move around the corner to start work on the “F” and “G” portions of the roof. We would only have the “H” to complete, which is quite large, and then we will be on our fixed scaffolding platforms all along the back and we will have more room to spread out a bit!

What is Shaun doing @ 5:33?

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Feb 132018

We started early today about 9am as there was a forecast of rain coming at around lunch time so we thought we would get as much as we can on sorting and counting the Oak Timber. We had three more packs to go, one small one and two large ones!
So there we were, measuring and hauling one layer at a time, around to the storage rack and we carried on .. and on .. and on .. and on .. waiting for the rain to come! It went past lunch time .. and we still worked .. and worked .. and finally we actually got ALL the rest of the Oak timber all classified and quantified and moved to our now very populated storage rack!!

Oak Timber Finally All Classified and Quantified!


Oak Timber Finally All Classified and Quantified!


And guess what? We were just tidying up and bringing in various tools like ladders and things .. and the rain came! Talk about good timing! Smile!
That was one long 6 hours stint (we carried about 2 tons of wood)! Phew!

The oak delivery had 600 pieces varying from 90 to 320 mm wide and 25 to 55 mm thick, with a total weight of over 5 tons.

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Feb 122018

This afternoon, while we had some nice weather, even though it was quite chilly, we went and got our odd “N” rafter (the middle one, which is number 6) up and installed. We had to plane the end a fair bit as it was a complex shaped ends and we had wondered whether we had removed enough in the workshop. So it was a case of removing more until it fitted nice and tight.
We then measured the next subset of rafters on either side, these being the triangular sections going up to the steel I-Beam and down to the outside corner. These are now in our spreadsheet!
We did also the same for the “O” section and took measurements for the similar shaped triangular sections for the 45 degree sloping roof too.
We now have finally collected this data and we now have the means to continue working in the workshop while the weather is bad outside and try not to lose too much more time due to the weather!
We hope!

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Feb 122018

Today, Monday, we resumed the task of quantifying our Oak timber and moving each plank around to our made-for-purpose storage rack.
We did some sorting on Saturday but only for the morning before the rain came at lunch time.
And this afternoon, instead of carrying on with this task, we decided to get our odd “N” rafter up and installed. We will carry on with the Oak Timber in the morning if the weather is kind to us again like today!

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Feb 102018

Work has been patchy over the last three days, with other commitments on Thursday, rain all day Friday and also rain in the afternoon of Saturday too!
We didn’t have any other jobs lined up as we didn’t have the “N” rafter (number 6) installed so we could measure the next set of rafters on either side of this central one.
So lost days!!

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Feb 072018

This afternoon, in the middle of our lunch hour (about 1:30pm), the Oak Timber arrived!! There were ten packs in total, in four stacks  on the back of the lorry. Also, on the back of the lorry, was a fork-lift truck which came down two steep ramps off the end! We were lucky that the driver was confident to reverse the lorry back down our Loke and avoided causing major traffic hold-ups on the A143 Beccles Road !

Oak Timber Arrives!


Oak Timber Arrives!


The forklift the moved the packs to the cleared area by the Storage hut.

Oak Timber Arrives!


The pallets were quite neatly organised, each one having the timber of similar dimensions so we could check off against what we ordered. The initial spot check seems to show that we have got a lot larger volume of Oak than stated on the delivery note. This doesn’t means that we got more planks of Oak, just more volume. And in fact, after processing three pallets, measuring every single one and moving them to our sheltered storage area, it seems that most planks are thicker than advertised!
Oak Timber Arrives!


We had a cordless keyboard and a cordless speaker sitting outside on one of the shelves on the storage rack (connected to one of our desktop computers inside), and as each plank was measured using a digital calipers and steel rule, the data was typed into a spreadsheet and then moved and sorted on separate sections on the rack.
We will resume on Friday with the sorting out the other seven pallets and get all the data into the database so we can cross reference any piece and mark it as being used and record what left-over there is, to be used somewhere else in other parts of the house.

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Feb 072018

This morning, while we wait for the delivery of our Oak Timber, we got on with the task of cutting angled bevelled ends on the latest batch of rafters we made yesterday.
These have quite a sharp angle, very deep, at 53° and almost 100mm deep. Our slicing Saw machine performed very well! And this second version which has a new electric motor on board, is a better quality unit and doesn’t get hot at all, only the gearbox! It is also much better at cutting the wood without burning the material as we are able to turn down the speed of the saw blade and that helps considerable in controlling this burning effect.
So we have now a growing pile of ready-to-install rafters to go up, all the remaining P rafters and one N rafter. We are just waiting for a day of no falling wetness, whether it is snow or rain! Phew!

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Feb 062018

This afternoon, having completed the production of the four rafters (for the “P” and “N” sections), we couldn’t go outside as it was snowinging quite hevily!!

Tomorrow, we have our Oak Timber arriving, during the day sometime, and with the cold snap occurring this week all over the country, it is unlikely that we will get any work done outside too.

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Feb 062018

Today and yesterday, we resumed our factory production line to produce the remaining rafters for completing the “P” section of the roof, as well as the first one of the “N” section.
It was amusing to see us racking our brains for all the steps of the procedure of making rafters, getting all the tools, equipment and glues out and get ready.
We finished today at about 4pm and it is snowing outside so that’s the end of our work for the moment!
We will see when we can get them up, weather permitting but also our Oak Timber is scheduled to arrive tomorrow too!

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Feb 032018

The last two days has fallen foul of the side-effects of the suffering these cold and flu viruses, with disrupted sleep patterns and secondly infections.
What a world we live on!
What will be around the next corner??

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