Feb 072018

This afternoon, in the middle of our lunch hour (about 1:30pm), the Oak Timber arrived!! There were ten packs in total, in four stacks  on the back of the lorry. Also, on the back of the lorry, was a fork-lift truck which came down two steep ramps off the end! We were lucky that the driver was confident to reverse the lorry back down our Loke and avoided causing major traffic hold-ups on the A143 Beccles Road !

Oak Timber Arrives!


Oak Timber Arrives!


The forklift the moved the packs to the cleared area by the Storage hut.

Oak Timber Arrives!


The pallets were quite neatly organised, each one having the timber of similar dimensions so we could check off against what we ordered. The initial spot check seems to show that we have got a lot larger volume of Oak than stated on the delivery note. This doesn’t means that we got more planks of Oak, just more volume. And in fact, after processing three pallets, measuring every single one and moving them to our sheltered storage area, it seems that most planks are thicker than advertised!
Oak Timber Arrives!


We had a cordless keyboard and a cordless speaker sitting outside on one of the shelves on the storage rack (connected to one of our desktop computers inside), and as each plank was measured using a digital calipers and steel rule, the data was typed into a spreadsheet and then moved and sorted on separate sections on the rack.
We will resume on Friday with the sorting out the other seven pallets and get all the data into the database so we can cross reference any piece and mark it as being used and record what left-over there is, to be used somewhere else in other parts of the house.

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