Feb 072018

This morning, while we wait for the delivery of our Oak Timber, we got on with the task of cutting angled bevelled ends on the latest batch of rafters we made yesterday.
These have quite a sharp angle, very deep, at 53° and almost 100mm deep. Our slicing Saw machine performed very well! And this second version which has a new electric motor on board, is a better quality unit and doesn’t get hot at all, only the gearbox! It is also much better at cutting the wood without burning the material as we are able to turn down the speed of the saw blade and that helps considerable in controlling this burning effect.
So we have now a growing pile of ready-to-install rafters to go up, all the remaining P rafters and one N rafter. We are just waiting for a day of no falling wetness, whether it is snow or rain! Phew!

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