Feb 122018

This afternoon, while we had some nice weather, even though it was quite chilly, we went and got our odd “N” rafter (the middle one, which is number 6) up and installed. We had to plane the end a fair bit as it was a complex shaped ends and we had wondered whether we had removed enough in the workshop. So it was a case of removing more until it fitted nice and tight.
We then measured the next subset of rafters on either side, these being the triangular sections going up to the steel I-Beam and down to the outside corner. These are now in our spreadsheet!
We did also the same for the “O” section and took measurements for the similar shaped triangular sections for the 45 degree sloping roof too.
We now have finally collected this data and we now have the means to continue working in the workshop while the weather is bad outside and try not to lose too much more time due to the weather!
We hope!

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