Mar 272018

While it was raining on and off all day today, we worked on on the task of recycling some of our C rafters from yesterday and make fresh ones to make a grand total of fifteen rafters which will complete the framework for the Front Porch roof. We sliced down C9 rafter to become C10, […]

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Mar 222018

Today was the day of working out and implementing a method that will produce a set of two rafters, that will form the diagonal hip support beam from the point of the C wall and down to the gutters in the corner of the porch roof over our Front Door. But first, we took out […]

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Mar 152018

This morning, we buried three sets of concrete blocks to support three legs which will soon be in place to brace the Front Porch. We didn’t put up the new 7.6metres (25feet) long beam as the glue was still slightly tacky (the temperature isn’t warm enough for speedy curing) so we left it alone to […]

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