This morning we pulled up the foundation’s formwork and it wasn’t too difficult thank goodness! Very nice smooth finishes with just a hint of a textured surface picked up from the OSB sheet wood. We are planning to reuse the formwork to build the floor slab tomorrow!

Then the next job was to bring up to the correct level the sand inside all the foundations so we can lay down the DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) right across the whole garage without any dips or bumps!

So far we have done the back portion which was rather fiddly with all the pipes, conduits and man hole chamber sticking out of the ground! We scraped the surface to make a smooth finish. We double compacted the area to make sure it is fully settled and ready for the concrete!

Tomorrow we finish off the front portion of the garage and then we can build the formwork with the DPM cut and stuck together to form a water tight envelope ready for the liquid free flowing special concrete from Lafarge called Agilia Force! It is so liquid that there is a potential chance that if the DPM wasn’t stuck down properly along the joins, then the concrete could find an edge and flow under the plastic DPM sheet and push it up!! Not nice!

This is also why we are going to mix some concrete of our own and cover all the bases of the sticking out objects to make sure the DPM is well securely stuck and water tight on each conduits and pipes!

Another early start ! phew!

By Shaun

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