Yesterday we put up the guttering on the front of the wooden temporary shed and our new front door. It was something we were meaning to do for a while now. The immediate area just below the roof overhang was getting very soggy and very muddy! We needed to make sure this area and the driveway surface was bedded on solid ground before laying the asphalt chippings, so we needed to collect the rain water and divert it to a soak away module.

So yesterday we went to B&Q to get the guttering, brackets, downpipe and bits and pieces. Got it up so it slopes down towards the playing field end of the shed. We then dug a one metre square by over half a metre deep to take two AquaCell modules side by side. We wrapped them up in geotextile fabric. The downpipe was connected into the top of them and chucked the dirt back in on top!!

This morning we finished spreading the remaining soil around and compacted it all nice and smooth!

Now we wait for the rain to come !

By Shaun

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