It was a nice day again so we finished off the nailing requirement as specified in the structural engineer’s report. It was very nice having a compressed air nail gun to do the job! There were approximately 500nails in total! But with the bump trigger selected, it was quite easy to just go along and “bump” the gun down and it fires a nail, move along and bump another nail in and so on!

We decided to put up our long term rubber sheeting to solve the water leaks! The tarpaulin we bought for the temporary job of water proofing didn’t work! It was too short in the first place, this was amazing as the packaging stated that the size was 10metres by 10metres and it simply didn’t do the 9.3metres direction!! This is typical of cheap tarpaulin! But in the second place we think the cheap tarpaulin was also too thin and was being punctured too easily with us walking on top of it!

So after the nailing, we spent the afternoon cleaning the whole roof, smoothing out any sharp edges and lumps, making sure no nail heads were sticking up and sweeping all the crud off!

Then using our mini digger to lift the rubber bundle up (it was very heavy indeed!) we pulled, pushed and unfolded it out to nicely cover the whole roof. We used a set of double battens to grip the edges of the rubber top after it was folded over the edge of the roof. We used loads of clamps to hold it in place until we have another dry day to make the proper designed edging. Finally we loaded the middle of the roof with 20 concrete blocks lying on small protection pads to stop any possible damage. These will stay there until we have a good chance of 2 or 3 days of dry and warm weather to glue the rubber down properly.

(rubber sheet laid out with 20 concrete blocks to hold down middle)

Now we will see if we have any leaks!! Blooming well hope not!!

By Shaun

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