All the ceilings (lounge, bedroom 1 to 3 and hallway) were painted with white vinyl matt (another old tin on the self!). The batten and edges of the new plasterboard on the ceiling in the hallway was hand brushed with the same paint.

The reddish magnolia (peach colour?) was the first to be applied in the lounge on the long wall (the one that goes from the entrance into the garage down to the hallway). All the edges and corners were painted by hand and the 12inch roller followed after!

Then it was the Pale Green’s turn! The edges and corners as well as around the electrical sockets was painted with our home made pale green colour. The lounge and bedroom 1 was completed.

Finally the ceilings (apart from the hallway) were spot treated with an oil based primer to cover up various patches of water leak stains. These ceilings are part of the old storage shed and we had problems with the roofing felt a few years ago hence the water marks!

Tomorrow they (the ceilings) will have their final top coat of white.

By Shaun

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